Sell Your Survivorship Policy

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If your needs have changed and you don’t need your survivorship insurance policy and/or don’t want to pay for the policy – here are your options!

  • Cancel the policy! – The coverage will stop and receive the cash value remaining in the policy.
  • Sell the policy – Possibly substantially higher than the cash value remaining in the policy.
  • The secondary market of buyers (investors, banks, pension funds, hedge funds, etc.) buys policies as alternative investments.
  • will process your policy, obtain medical history information, and oversee offers for you. You’ll have no obligation, only upside.

Each policy is different so please call (800) 233-6481 to review your policy.  Please have a recent summary or annual report of the policy.

“Lemonade out of lemons!  We sold our policy
far in excess of the cash value.”


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