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The following examples of 2nd to die benefits are based on a $1,000,000 tax-free, guaranteed death benefit (other amounts available):

Ages of Mr. & Mrs.
Guaranteed Level
Annual Premium
-OR- One Pay
Single Premium
Guaranteed Level
Death Benefit
60/60 $9,684 $201,235 $1,000,000
65/65 $12,734 $254,512 $1,000,000
70/70 $17,832 $335,651 $1,000,000
75/75 $24,560 $428,968 $1,000,000
80/80 $38,054 $582,467 $1,000,000

* Guaranteed by billion dollar, highest rated insurance companies. Best class premiums based upon current assumptions to age 120, smokers/rated policies require higher premiums. Other amounts and older ages available.