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Our firm has over 40 years of experience as a life insurance broker representing only the highest rated companies. We are the largest internet-based brokerage (over 10,000 hits a month) specializing in second-to-die or survivorship life insurance policies. We know which top companies will provide the lowest premium based upon your age and medical history. We one-stop-shop, orchestrate, and simplify the underwriting process. For example, one simple exam at your home allows our firm to shop all the top companies. We then advise and guide you as to the best ownership strategy to allow you control and make sure the insurance proceeds are totally tax-free to your heirs. Lowest price, simplified underwriting, and top-notch service is the hallmark of over 40-plus years of service to our clients. Request a quote for you to evaluate the benefits of a survivorship life insurance policy.

Jerry A. Orefice, CLU • Founder of SurvivorshipLife.com

A Connecticut native, Jerry Orefice graduated from the University of Hartford Barney School of Business. As an undergraduate, he was President of the student body and government. He was elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and was a recipient of the Wall Street Journal Achievement Award as a top student business leader. Subsequently, Jerry was a member of the Board of Regents, awarded the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year of the University of Hartford, and in 2014 was inducted into the University of Hartford Barney School of Business Hall of Fame. Jerry was a four-year baseball player, captain of the team, and in 1997 the University of Hartford Alumni Athletics Hall of Fame awarded him the Vincent B. Coffin Professional Achievement Award.

Jerry also has served as the Chairman of the Crest Advisory Board at Pepperdine University. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. Jerry is a fundraiser and philanthropically involved with University of Hartford, UCLA, and Pepperdine University.

As a CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) specializing in high net worth estate planning, Jerry is an active speaker nationally, having addressed many business meetings and conventions on this topic. SurvivorshipLife.com, founded by Jerry, is an internet-based site that sells large survivorship life insurance policies to wealthy families as an efficient tool to pay estate tax. For over 30 years his firm has taken great pride in representing the very top-rated life insurance companies serving high net worth families throughout the country. In addition, JumboLifeSettlements.com brokers the sale of large unneeded life insurance policies to institutional investors, who pay substantially in excess of the current cash value in the policy.

Jerry and his wife, Karen, have homes in Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California, Malibu, California and Cape Cod (Dennis, Massachusetts). They have two children. Their son, Cary, is active in the business. Cary is married to Vera, and they have two daughters, Hali and Ashley. Their daughter, Kelsey, is married to Dr. Seth Garnradt, Director of Orthopedic Athletic Medicine at USC. They have two daughters, Adison and Taylor, and a son, CJ.

Jerry is an active triathlon participant, especially in the swimming division. An experienced open water endurance swimmer, he has, for example, successfully completed the difficult Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim across San Francisco Bay.

Jerry Orefice, Founder of SurvivorshipLife.com

“The survivorship life product is priced so that it’s cheap; it’s an inexpensive way to pay a million dollars of estate tax.”


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Lowest price, simplified underwriting, and top-notch service is the hallmark of over 40-plus years of service to our clients.