Only Survivorship Life Policies

We only shop second-to-die / survivorship life policies. That is a policy where two lives (husband and wife) are insured under one life insurance policy. The premiums are inexpensive because the insurance is only paid at the second death to pay the estate tax. We do not shop or sell individual term, whole life, or disability policies. Sorry, no exceptions.

Medical Impairments OK

Medical impairments are okay for 2nd-to-die insurance policies (e.g., by-pass surgery, prostate cancer, cancer history, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.). Since the insurance company pays off at the second death, the medical underwriting is much more lenient.

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchased a policy from our firm and for any reason during the first year decide to cancel the policy, we will refund 100% of your paid premium.

“Our team shops all the top firms to find you the best second-to-die life insurance policy with the lowest premium.”


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Medical Impairments

You will qualify with medical impairments.

Estate Tax

Survivorship life insurance policies are the cheapest way to pay estate tax.

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