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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

If you have questions about the estate tax and how it relates to survivorship life and second-to-die insurance policies, you’ve come to the right place!

Will the survivorship insurance policy reduce my estate tax?2017-11-06T20:58:24+00:00

Directly, no. Indirectly, yes. Your estate tax can only be reduced by reducing your taxable estate (i.e., gifts, family limited partnerships, etc.). However, if properly arranged, a survivorship life policy will be tax free to the beneficiary, no estate tax and no income tax. If, for example, you only pay over time $200,000 of premiums into a $1,000,000 policy, you’ve effectively paid $1,000,000 of estate tax for $200,000! Twenty cents on the dollar! This is much better than buying no insurance and paying $1,000,000 of your assets for $1,000,000 of tax!

I originally purchased a survivorship life policy with a 10-year payment schedule that now has been increased to 14 years with no end in sight! What can I do?2017-10-24T23:28:00+00:00

First, request two in-force illustrations from the current carrier. One illustration should demonstrate how many more years to pay the premium to carry the insurance to age 100. The second illustration should do the same but assume a 1% reduction in the current dividend or current interest rate! Second, call our firm and we will do a comparison to measure the value of the current policy versus buying a new policy.

How can I compare the survivorship life policy that I now own?2017-10-24T23:27:37+00:00

Simple. We will provide you with a comparison of the old policy and a new policy. Call one of our counselors at (800) 233-6481 with the current policy information and we’ll be happy to provide you with a comparison at no obligation.

What companies do you shop?2017-10-24T23:26:57+00:00

Although our inventory of top-rated companies is constantly changing, we can shop 70-80 companies for second-to-die insurance, such as Prudential, MetLife, Transamerica, ING, John Hancock, AXA and Principal, to name a few.

I’ve looked at previous 2nd-to-die insurance quotes that are too expensive or I’ve been rated because of medical problems in the past. What’s new?!2017-10-24T23:25:18+00:00

The vast majority of our clients are just like you. By specializing only with Survivorship Life policies and having a long solid track record with the top insurance companies, we have the clout to obtain very favorable rates. We will search for a top-rated company with favorable underwriting that matches with your history of medical impairments. You are insurable at favorable rates!

Who should own the second-to-die / survivorship life insurance policy to pay the estate tax?2017-10-24T23:24:11+00:00

Most importantly, the insured husband and wife should not own the policy or the policy could be taxed! An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust or the insureds’ children will own the policy. Please call 1-800-233-6481 and one of our experienced counselors, at no fee, will advise and answer all your questions.

“The survivorship life product is priced so that it’s cheap; it’s an inexpensive way to pay a million dollars of estate tax.”


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